Thursday, June 25, 2009

Late Deliveries: Not Good has me pissed off right now.
I ordered the new Sonic Youth CD, Right Now, and some anniversary gifts for Val, on June 14, and opted for the free delivery, which said it would take 5-9 business days for delivery. I knew that I was taking a chance and that it might miss our anniversary, June 23, which was 7 business days, but I went ahead with that route. As you now know, the items did not get here by June 23; I may not be happy, but it fit into the time line I was given.
I received an e-mail from at 3:11 a.m. today, June 25, notifying me that the order had been shipped, as if I was supposed to be dancing in the aisles. Sorry, but today is 9 f$%&ing business days from when I ordered the items, my payment was promptly accepted and nothing is or will be here on day 9. In fact, I was given an expected delivery date, via the United States Postal Service, of Wednesday, July 2, or 13 business days. No e-mail message stating that some items were out of stock or hard to get and that the shipment may be late were received.
Yes, I am furious, livid and so on, and when I get a chance sometime today or tomorrow, I will be complaining by telephone and e-mail to


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin, I used Amazon to send a gift certificate to a raffle winner at a conference we were attending. It took them SIX MONTHS to get the certificate to the gentleman! SIX MONTHS! An Amazon gift certificate! I will never use them again.

I grew up in your neighborhood (Lee Street) and went to school with Heather. Tell her Julie Norton said hello!

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