Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Numbness

It's another Father's Day, and Val and I haven't found too much to celebrate; Val's father, Edward Patrick Dunne, died, in 2003, and my father, Edward William Hosey, died in 2004. Our grandfathers have been dead for longer, and the closest father to me otherwise, my brother, Brian, father of Kim, Colleen and Daniel, died in 1995.
We so hope that all fathers, and those who have had to take over father roles, are having great days and are being appreciated by their children, biological, step, adopted, foster and otherwise. Father's Day falls between my mother Sheila's birthday and Val and my anniversary, so I can frame it, if not really remember it, until it comes up. Make sure you tell them you love them.
So, besides trying to write something more than just stream of pseudo conscious remarks on a situation I have not made 100 percent sense out of yet, what am I doing right now? Listening to Michael Oliver music on my computer; yep, a son who was fortunate to have a father for more than 43 years of his life and is complaining about his dad's early death is listening to some great music by an orphan. Coincidence or am I that self-referential?
As usual, if you want to read some very realistic, heartfelt and upbeat thoughts about Father's Day, my niece, Kimberly Hosey, has some poignant words at her blog, Arizona Writer.


Blogger Kim Hosey said...

How did I miss this before? Thanks as always for the link, but even more for your support and kind words.

Also, I like that you write even when your thoughts aren't all processed and easily packaged. One of the things I struggle with most is not wanting to write until I have Something To Say, all nice and tied up. I like that you let us see your thought and feeling process. Very realistic and heartfelt.

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