Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Good Sign of Summer Coming

One of the serious indicators that summer will soon be here greeted me when I got home from political activities last night.
As I went to park (and tried to figure out if I could park on the street on in our fenced-in driveway), I saw a pickup truck that I recognized parking on the street a house or two ahead. It was the truck of singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer Gurf Morlix and his wife, artist/photographer Brende Fuller.
I had my dinner, a jacket, hat and bottle of water in my hands as I got out of the car and didn't see that Brende had gotten out; she came up and said hello with a hug, and we talked a minute until a parking space opened up for her. They had just driven here from Nashville.
Gurf and Brende have been very good and very long-time friends of our neighbors, singer/songwriter/guitarist Jim Whitford and his wife, Lynne O'Meara, so we hope to see them over the next few days before they apparently go up to their cottages in Ontario for the summer. I doubt they'll be Homeland Security risks, and hopefully, we'll get to hear Gurf and Jim play together.


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