Friday, June 12, 2009

Still Here, I Guess

I remain exhausted and virtually using construction equipment to keep my eyes open, but I have made it to the start of Friday and I hope that I will make it through the weekend.
I am fighting to return to a semi-normal sleep state and schedule, but I haven't been 100 percent great in that respect. This weekend also includes several art exhibit openings, the Allentown West Festival, where Val will have some of her photography on display and for sale at the College Street Gallery on Allen Street, two doors down from Nietzsche's, where some great music will be going on all weekend, as well as my mother Sheila's 79th birthday and normal life activities.
And yes, you did notice that I did not mention that we will be attending the Allentown Arts and Crafts, er, Allentown Commercialization, um, I mean Allentown Arts Festival, because we won't be there.
So, if you see us there, say hello and bring coffee or Cherry Coke. Chocolate would be nice, too.


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