Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stanley Cup Finals: Game 7 Coming

I am both glad and not too surprised that the Detroit Red Wings-Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Finals are coming down to a Game 7 Thursday after the Penguins beat the Red Wings Tuesday, 2-1.
I wrote a couple of days ago elsewhere that this would come down to being a home series, and each team has won their three home games so far. As I also previously wrote, I was and am still rooting for Pittsburgh, and also was and am still predicting Detroit to win the series and the Stanley Cup in Game 7.
I hope that Game 7 is as exciting and close as Game 6 was, and there is no repeat of Game 5, regardless of who ends up winning everything. I do want to thank Val, who DVRed the game for me while I was doing some political stuff Tuesday; I got home in time to start the DVR viewing while the first preiod was still going on and I caught up with the live action during the second intermission.
Of course, I am also unhappy that the Los Angeles Lakers lost Game 3 of the NBA Finals to the Orlando Magic, 108-104, which Val also DVRed for me. That series now stands at 2 games to 1 in favor of the Lakers. And, due to several things, I am absolutely exhausted, and will probably fall asleep too soon after more poltical stuff tonight.


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