Monday, June 08, 2009

Great Gay Pride Parade

Val and I had a wonderful time once again at the annual Buffalo Gay Pride Parade; Val took position on Elmwood Avenue near Bryant Street (the Casa di Pizza side) and photograhed much of the parade. You can check her Facebook page for many of these photos.
The parade was a success on all fronts; it certainly looked like it was easily the largest turnout of marchers for the Pride parade, as well as viewers, the vast majority supporters; the fun was outstanding (I wish I had time this morning to go more in-depth) and the message of equal rights, including on gay marriage, was loud and clear.
One of the funniest comments came from a member of one of the many adolescent/youth GLBT groups; one person noticed that the KFC at Elmwood and Bryant was closed. One male put his arm to his forehead and replied, "oh, imagine how many people are buried there."
But all of us should remember that supporting and working for GLBT equal rights is a 24-7 fight.


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