Thursday, February 26, 2009

Interesting Canine Choice

It appears that progress is being made in one of the most controversial decisions of the Obama Administration; First Lady Michelle Obama appears to have come out in support of a Portuguese water dog as the family dog for the White House.
Not only are these hard working, curly-haired dogs a good choice in the eyes of dog fans like Val and I, Walker Evans Dunne-Hosey, our German shepherd/Rottweiler blend, has a Portuguese water dog as a play friend at the Puppy Play Pen in downtown Buffalo, where he goes weekly for dog day care. Word has it that they are rambunctious, occasionally mischievous and frisky playmates (Walker Evans and the Portuguese water dog, that is).
For more information, people can check out the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America web site or the American Kennel Club web site.


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