Monday, February 23, 2009

Mohawks? Really?

Being a major college basketbal fan (despite the Wisconsin Badgers falling to 17-10 yesterday), I have noticed a trend that I am not totally getting: more and more players, at least in NCAA Division I, are sporting Mohawk haircuts.
At least one annoucner on ESPN noticed this and, like me, had no explanation. It's not like English punk rock fans have invaded NCAA basketball rosters and no chants of "Oi oi oi" have been recently heard at games.
Quite frankly, they mostly look hideous, and this comes from a guy who shaves his head; they are barely more than a half-inch to maybe one inch long, and many of the guys wearing them don't exactly shave the rest of their heads very often, giving it a scraggy, needing-maintenance look.
If anyone knows why this trend has taken root, please let me know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Possibly some sort of solidarity / team spirit thing. I saw something similar at the ECIC swim meet, where most of these kids had shaved-tostubble heads. It looked like a friggin' chemo convention. Its not like the shaven head is going to make a measurable difference in their times in the pool - so I suppose its just a team spirit thing.

Eric P.
The mohawk is particularly dorky, even on American Indians from the past.
I agree. Mohawks? Really?.

9:07 AM  

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