Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nobody Told Me There'd Be No Brown

I have been searching for a new brown tie recently; the ones I had either wore out, were snagged or got some kind of stain that won't wash out; so far, no success.
I have several olive/khaki-based ties, so I really need brown, either a solid (low priority) or a brown, mainly chocolate brown, based tied. My hopes are to have it blended with white, yellow, gold, olive/khaki, green or even orange.
Unfortunately, I found found no such tie to my liking, and barely anything even that I dislike in these colors, but for some reason, I have found tons and tons of brown and blue ties. Excuse me? Since when did brown and blue go together, especially this frequently? And does anyone else like me in fact, believe that these two colors look pretty ugly together?
I even checked the Jerry Garcia line of ties that are carried at Macy's, which we have bought several of for my brother-in-law, Brad Dossinger (a major Dead fan); I like these ties, but there was no brown to be found. Any hints would be appreciated.
Strange days indeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The brown and blue combination has infiltrated itself into the home fashions industry too. Actually for a few years now, as such, I am surprised that it is still lurking around in the fashion industry. Usually color trends start there and then move into home fashions. Have you been looking at sales racks with very dusty brown and blue ties?


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