Monday, February 09, 2009

Weather Changes (Almost) Everything

There is no question that you can palpably see, hear and feel the change in people in Buffalo and Western New York after the ridiculous streak of bone-crushing cold temperatures and heavier/deeper than normal snow fall that hit us for so long, virtually all of January, have final given way to some very nice temperatures.
Even normal average temperatures (high of about 30 degrees) would be lovely for us at this stage, but the highs in the 40s and 30s we've had, as well as the upcoming 50 degrees in a few days, have been incredible. People are friendlier and not living with what I would call weather dread, and being outside isn't considered one of Hercules' tasks.
It is also interesting to see the snow piles at either side of our driveway having melted to below 6 feet tall, and in another couple of days should be below 5 feet. Yes, there was a lot of ice chopping and some snow shoveling this weekend, but more of our yard and driveway have been opened up and things are a bit safer.
Yes, I am expecting Mother Nature to kick us in the ass again, but for now, things are kind of nice.


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