Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Too Busy Monday

I had plans to write, update this blog, do some Facebook stuff and get some other things done before watching last night's Buffalo Sabres' hockey game, but between work, getting home to walk Walker Evans and going to Kathy Callan's goodbye party from her great work as the executive director of the Erie County Democratic Committee, nothing got done.
In fact, there were more than 150 e-mail messages alone awaiting me this morning, and I have a whole lot of topics to write about and Facebook updating to do, and I will probabaly have to shovel frozen/iced over snow from the bottom of my driveway when I get home tonight. I thought I'd have to shovel yesterday, but a truck was parked a house down from us that prevented the snow plows from getting in and doing their job.
Sadly, the Sabres lost to Anaheim, 3-2, playing good at times, not good at others and finally looking a bit tired at the end of their road trip. And any time someone else wants to hold a goodbye party/shindig at Chef's, please do so.


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