Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Annoyances, Part One

Now that we're allegedly halfway through winter, even though I don't see any signs of it ending, I have my first major complaint of the season.
For some reason, it seems like more and more people, whether homeowners, snow plowing/clearing businesses or business owners, are clearing snow into the street for no good reason, unless you consider laziness a good reason.
This really doesn't have anything to do with the snow plowing service that was pushing the snow into my driveway or car, because it was happening on a greater scale before that happened. People are just show blowing, plowing and shoveling the snow into the street right here on Norwood Avenue, Ashland Avenue, Elmwood Avenue, Richmond Avenue, Lexington Avenue, West Utica Street, Bryant Street and other places.
A couple of weeks ago, as I was taking Walker Evans on his daily neighborhood jaunt, I watched a woman at the corner of Norwood and Highland toss shovel after shovel full of snow into the street, near and at the intersection; yeah, that's a safe move. You don't want vehicles to stop at an intersection without sliding on additional snow, now do you? And no, the snow wasn't so high that she and others couldn't have shoveled it onto a lawn.
This is also a great way to block some sidewalks for pedestrians, both human and canine, making them more dangerous as well as more difficult to traverse. And hey, what better surprise when driving, particularly after a heavy snow, than to have a snow blower launch some snow onto your windshield?
As a shoveler, I shovel onto my lawn/the piles of snow now on the lawn, and do not shovel into the street for the simple reason that it makes things more dangerous and more difficult for other people, and heaven forbid, I was raised not to be such a schmuck.


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