Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Holy Grail, er, Working Air Hose Found

After journeying oh, so far and overcoming mountains of obstacles, I located another working air hose for public use nearby home yesterday.
On way home from work, I decided to check the Mobil station at Elmwood and Lexington, the second-closest service station to home, after I found the air hose at the Sunoco station at Elmwood and Hodge still blocked by a penny jammed in the coin slot.
Well, to what to my wondering eyes did appear but a working air hose, also costing 75 cents per use, but with nothing blocking its coin slot or any other damage. Another revelation was that by some miracle (or at least 30 seconds of plowing or 2-3 minutes of shoveling), the area was clear of snow and one could not only drive his or her car up to the pump, but could walk to and pick up the hose without needing a sherpa guide.
Driving is much better and feels safer now, and there is even a Tim Horton's takeout outlet inside.


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