Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bush's Last Chance at Verbal Insults

President George Bush the Way Lesser will get his final chance to punish the English language and all viewers at 8 p.m. tonight, Thursday, January 15.
The president has set a high standard for himself; let's see if he can match the cluelessness, audacity, dishonesty, hubris, attitude of insult for the media and citizens, classlessness, stupidity and disdain that he showed at his last news conference a few days ago.
The speech is expected to last about 10-15 minutes, apparently partly because President Bush doesn't know any more words or nicknames.
And Vice President Dick Cheney's last circuit of the (mainly conservative) media? Well, telling the truth has never been his strong point or even his inspiration, so the less said/written about our governmental Darth Vader without the personality or sense of humor, the better. And my apologies to all Darth Vader or Star Wars fans.


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