Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tight Lip, er, Keyboard

Like many other Buffalonians/Western New Yorkers, I am quite weary already about the effects of winter; the temperatures have been colder than normal for the fall and winter so far, started to get cold earlier than normal, and of course, snow fall has been heavier than normal up to this point.
But, also like many Buffalonians and Western New Yorkers, I am tired of complaining about the weather and its effects, as well as shoveling and how tired it makes me/us feel (and of sweating like crazy and feeling it almost freeze against you while shoveling).
So, you can imagine my excitement and happiness with the 2-3 inches (or so, I am not sure how much) of snow lays outside, and will remain there until I get back home from work and another commitment. Yay.
UPDATE: Of course, I could be wrong; the 5:53 a.m. temperature update on the National Weather Service web site for Buffalo was 82 degrees for the current temperature as of 7 a.m. It must be a REALLY dry heat.


Blogger heather said...

I was bad and didn't shovel the slush we got yesterday, this afternoon there were several inches of snow on top of ice (yesterday's slush, oops!) Tom and two of his friends spent an hour using the driveway like a bobsled run today. They have been outside almost everyday after school....oh to be young again and enjoy winter in Western and Central New York!

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