Monday, January 05, 2009

Not Yet, But Close

A few weeks ago, I got a piece of mail from Erie County notifying me that I was being called for jury duty for the term starting January 5, 2009.
Like the dutiful citizen, I called after 4 p.m. Sunday to see if I would have to report Monday morning; my juror number is 845, but the recording said that jurors number 1 through 599 had to report, while jurors 600 throgh 1,400 are to call back after 5 p.m. tonight, Monday, to see what their disposition is.
Some people may wonder why I did not ask to be brought up a bit later and not be eligible for this term, and others wonder why I do not just try to get out of jury duty altogether. It is simple civic duty and responsibility, and I wish it wasn't thought of as such a tough or undesirable job or something to be avoided and only encompassing those, as the cliche goes, who are too dumb to avoid it.
I never got assigned to a jury the two other times I was called, so let's see if this goes any different.


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