Friday, December 26, 2008

Proving the Cliche

Especially during the winter, you get to hear this old bromide about Buffalo/Western New York way too often: "You don't like the weather? Give it a minute and it will change." Of course, if this was true, then winter would not seem too long to most of us.
But the weather can take us on some serious journeys to what seem like uncharted locations, including this past week. After two major snowfalls, accompanied by single-digit temperatures some overnights, we had high temperatures in the 40s Wednesday, highs of low 30s and no precipitation Christmas Day/Thursday, and we have a high temperature of 40 degrees predicted for today. But that doesn't start to describe Saturday, with a predicted high in the mid to upper-50s and 45-50 for Sunday.
The flooding from Wednesday's thawing got a bit extensive in our neighborhood, but by very early Christmas Day (2:30-3 a.m.), when we got home from Marty Boratin and Susan Tanner's annual Christmas/holiday party, most of the water had receded around here and the rest froze over.
Let's hope no canoes are needed Saturday or the rest of this weekend.


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