Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doing My Part for the Economy

With tough economic times, I believe, according to some elected officials, it is my patriotic duty to keep the economy going, and I have found a few ways to do so besides Christmas/holiday and family birthday shopping.
Recently, I have sustained/caused lovely 90-degree, 1-2-inch cuts in the outer layers of both of my Land's End hooded parkas, and have worn holes in both pairs of my heavy gloves, necessitating me to buy a new coat and pair of gloves. Christmas Eve, I somehow put a 2-inch tear or hole in my black boots, which I was able to stick a finger through.
Fortunately, Land's End had a sale, at which I saved about $50 on the coat and boots, and by serious comparative shopping, I kept the boots to $30 yesterday. But geez, my personal economic stimulus package to the economy can stop now.


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