Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I Am a Juror Today

Yes, my number was called when I checked with the Erie County Commissioner of Jurors' telephone number last night, so I am reporting for jury duty this morning. It is the third time I have been called in general for jury duty and the second time my number actually came up and I had to report.
The last time, in about 2000, I had to report and was almost selected for a jury. There was a case some of you may remember where a person was murdered in an apparent drug deal gone bad, and the deceased was shot by two guns by two different people and the prosecution brought cases against both suspects (both were found guilty). I made it to the final 16 in one case, from which 12 jurors and 2 alternates were chosen; I was one of the last two people let go, during my time as a proint journalist, and the other person let go was also in the media industry and still plies his trade at 97 Rock.
I will let you know more, if I can, later today.


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