Monday, January 12, 2009

Needless Snow Shoveling Fun Continues

I have written a lot, some would say more than often enough, about snow shoveling adventures here in Buffalo, but I have been getting some unwanted added fun due to a nearby private contractor.
A snow plow driving for a private company I will not name (so far) has been repeatedly plowing snow directly into and right in front of our driveway from the house across the street since the deeper snow falls started. If I am actually out there shoveling, I give the driver a glare and he barely makes sure not to do so, but if not, I expect some blockage.
As well as plowing snow into our driveway, across the bottom of it and into the street at the exit, this either clueless or unprofessional plow driver also has a fine habit of plowing in our and other vehicles parked on the street and leaving the snow as an obstacle to parking, taking up a space or spaces.
Well, it appened again Sunday morning, so I finally had enough and called this business' two telephone numbers; while I wasn't overly friendly, I wasn't threatening, angry or swearing, mostly annoyed but business like. I left a message telling them what had happened, how many times it had previously happened and that if I did not receive a return call from them, I would call the propert City of Buffalo offices, including the police department, as well as the Better Business Bureau and possibly the State Attorney General's Office.
I haven't received a return telephone call yet, and if I do not get one this morning, I will be taking the proper next steps.


Blogger Julia said...

I'm assuming Buffalo has the same rules for snow removal as Jamestown, in that it's illegal to put snow from private property on city streets when plowing/snowblowing/etc. Good luck with this issue. Maybe the threat of a fine from the city will whip them into shape.

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