Friday, January 23, 2009

Morrissey and the NFL?

The National Football League, possibly the most violent, aggressive major sports league (by definition and game rules) is certainly taking an interesting step for its self-conscious self with its new television commercials for the NFL Channel.
For those of you who, like me, had heard these commercials on the NFL playoff games the last few weeks, you've noticed that the song in the commercials is "Everyday Is Like Sunday" by Morrissey. Yes, Morrissey, the former front man for the Smiths, a proud gay man who used to refer to himself as a celibate gay man.
For a sport with too many homophobic players and attitudes to overly project how strong, tough and macho the players are, despite incredibly tight pants and uniforms, lots of hugging, huddles and ass slapping, the use of Morrissey's song is either a great step in the right direction, a rather sly joke or incredible cluelessness on the part of whoever made the commercial for the NFL.


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