Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Looking Forward and Back

With midnight making it my birthday, I am a bit more introspective, but I really don't want to turn this entry into navel gazing. I realize that about a month ago, I vowed to update this blog on a more regular basis, and while the frequency of my entries has increased, it has not been a major increase. More disturbing is that I am not satisfied with the quality of my writing or the content of the blog.
There are many reasons, some work and politically related, other personal commitment related, but this blog was not started to tease or be ambivalent toward either you kind readers or myself and Val. As a professional writer for more than 20 years and, counting college, a writer for more than 25 years, including more than 18 years as a full-time, professional, award-winning journalist, I am fortunate to have some ability as a writer, and have developed high standards for what I write, and I am uncertain whether recent writing has met up to those standards or not.
So I have to step things up and improve both the quality and quantity of my writing, and I hope you readers will let me know when something here moves you, good or bad.


Blogger Jen(nifer) said...

It moves me to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

3:55 PM  
Blogger Kevin J. Hosey said...

Oh, dear; thank you very much, Jen. I checked you out earlier today, but obviously, I need to visit your blog again.
Quiet no longer, huh?

6:02 PM  
Anonymous mark said...

Happy Birthday and I hope Kathleen did not have you walking a district tonight (a truly insider comment)!

Thanks for your help last week.

9:05 PM  
Anonymous KevinP said...

Happy birthday, KevinJ. The open threads would be nothing without you.

9:46 PM  
Blogger Kevin J. Hosey said...

Ha; no, Mark, no district walking tonight, but I did get to call a Clarence district last night (no Alan, though).
Thanks, KevinP; I worry that I prattle on too much on the open threads, but they are great ways to watch and enjoy games, particularly Sabres' games.

10:22 PM  

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