Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sabres Stuff

First, Val and I are very happy that the Buffalo Sabres opened their 2006-2007 National Hockey League season with a 3-2 overtime/shootout win over the Carolina Hurricanes. No, it wasn't enough revenge to make up for Carolina knocking Buffalo out of the NHL playoffs last year, but it felt good, especially following the painful pre-game ceremony of Carolina celebrating its Stanley Cup victory.
While one game is too early to prognosticate too much on the season for me (for those more in the know, start with Kevin and Mark at Bfloblog, who again are hosting a great and really fun live thread during Sabres' games), but I liked the play of new defenseman Jaroslav Spacek, particularly on the power play, and of goalie Ryan Miller. The slow start the Sabres got off to could be largely credited to the Hurricanes' excitement following the ceremonies, so my main complaints would be the 0-9 on the power play and some dumb penalties. Oh, and the VS. broadcast remains bad at too many times and really suffered by comparison when we turned to the free TSN preview of the Toronto-Ottawa game.
There was a little bit of talk on the broadcast about the new Sabres uniform and logo, and a lot of action here; our visits were up 50-60 percent over normal yesterday and today, with Sabres uniforms the top visit link by far (more interesting was that several people got to us through the "Sabres ugly jersey" search). A good amount of the searches came from Canada, one from Los Angeles, but the farthest/most interesting visit came to us this morning from Paris, France, with the search words "Sabres new uniforms."
It looks like the Sabres Nation is going international.


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