Monday, October 02, 2006

Tax Rebate Exception

There have been complaints and questions on the fact that many/most New York State STAR tax rebate checks recently sent out to Western New Yorkers and other Empire State residents were sent to men only when a house was owned by and taxes paid by a couple.
Well, as I went to deposit our check this weekend, I noticed that I couldn't, because on the check itself in the "made payable to" area, as well as on the address on the outside, it read: "DUNNE VALERIE AND HOSEY." Val bought our house before we started dating a little more than 6 years ago, and my name was added when we refinanced our mortgage.
Only once in the Buffalo Blogosphere have I seen someone (Sally on Buffalo Pundit, I believe) state that the checks were made payable to the first listed property home owner. We hope to have a digital photo of the outside address area up soon.


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