Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Girlpope Still Making Waves

The band may have sadly broken up, but Girlpope, the hard rocking power pop king of Buffalo, hasn't yet gone away and just achieved some national notoriety.
"(Hey, Let's' Hear It for) The Local Girl," a popular song from the band's debut "Cheeses of Nazareth" CD, was played on ABC's "Men in Trees" during its Monday night, September 25, episode, apparently during a date auction scene. I did not hear about this until today, and like most people, I was watching the New Orleans-Atlanta Monday Night Football game. While all of the members have other musical commitments, it would be great to see Girlpope, originally Mark Norris on guitar and vocals, Rich Campagna on bass and vocals and Brandon Delmont on drums, and later joined by Tom Stanford on guitar, saxophone and keyboards (I think), reform. Stay tuned.


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