Sunday, September 17, 2006

Primary Day Redux

Sorry to catch up on Primary Day so late; some things went very good Tuesday, and some results were quite disappointing to Val and I.
On the good side, Val and I were re-elected as Democratic committee people; I will be serving my second term and Val will be serving her third term. We were opposed by candidates from a group which also challenged our petition signatures, but the Erie County Board of Elections' decision ruled all of our signatures as valid. In the voting, Val received 39 votes, I received 37 votes (all of the campaigning I did may have made a few people sick of me) and our opponents received 11 and 7 votes, respectively, so apparently, the voters in our district on the West Side believed we earned another term.
Unfortunately, the candidate Val and I did the most campaigning for, State Senator Marc Coppola, was defeated by Buffalo Common Councilmember Antoine Thompson by a substantial margin; Coppola's second cousin, former Common Councilmember and short-time State Senator Al Coppola, finished a distant third, and while many of us thought Al would have performed nothing but a spoiler role, Thompson earned more than enough votes to outdistance the total votes both Coppolas received. Marc Coppola did a fine job for us while he was our Common Councilmember (sadly, he was redistricted away from our part of the Elmwood Village) and did the same as our sadly short-lived State Senator.
I know some people may think of us as "machine" supporters or of the status quo, but that is simply not true. As residents of the West Side of Buffalo, as well as home/property owners and active Democrats, we made our decision and strongly, and more importantly, proudly, supported Marc Coppola. But Antoine Thompson and his supporters ran a good campaign and got their people out to vote.
Marc Coppola said Tuesday night that this was not the last we would see and hear of him, and Val and I would welcome him back in future political endeavors.


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