Saturday, September 16, 2006

It's a Sabres Morning

Val and I will be among the thousands of hockey fans heading down to the HSBC Arena this morning to check out the new Buffalo Sabres logo and uniforms as part of the Sabres' open practice. Neither Val nor I like the new logo at all (f***ing ugly comes to mind), and the new colors seem pretty good, but we are holding our final opinions and commentary on the new uniforms until we see them live and on actual Buffalo Sabres.
We assume that we'll see some other bloggers down at the HSBC, and with my birthday less than a month away, I will be doing some window shopping of sorts. We are both wearing Sabres' garb (long-sleeve red and black polo shirt, red and black boxers and my classic, apparent third-uniform blue and gold hat; red and black sweater and cream, red and black hat for Val), and on the look out for more.


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