Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Our Take on the Sabres New Logo, Uniforms

Val and I joined thousands of Western New Yorkers and Southern Ontarians at the Buffalo Sabres' open practice and new uniform unveiling Saturday. We had a great time, formed some new opinions but still hold others.
We still believe that the new logo, the legless Buffalo/bison that resembles a (fill in the blank with your favorite rueful joke here), remains hideously ugly, even with the addition of "Buffalo Sabres" to the logo's, um, form. Some people said to wait until we saw the logo on the new uniform; we did, and it is still unpleasant to look at and amateurish, to say the least.
Otherwise, we like the new uniforms, from the colors to the design. The blue and gold/yellow, while following to a certain extent the old color scheme, are different enough from the old colors to qualify as a change and look pretty good; design wise, it looks modern enough to appeal to those people who want things with more, er zip, but I do not feel it hurts the eyes and certainly doesn't enter the realm of the virtual-pajama Vancouver Canucks' uniforms.
But, the question remains, will Val or I be buying any of the hats, jerseys, shirts, sweatshirts or other merchandise with the new logo? As of now, no, we will not be buying any of the new logo merchandise; it is simply too damn ugly. We do plan on buying some of the third jersey merchandise, the old blue and gold Sabres' uniform, and since I have always liked the Sabres black and red/orange uniforms (and never thought the previous logo looked like a goat head), I may look for some marked-down merchandise. I am also surprised at the recent venom I have noticed in some places to the red and black, crossed-Sabres uniform (which Val has a Rob Ray jersey of), which I also like.
At the practice itself, we noticed a lot of new logo hats at first, then t-shirts, and then a parade of jerseys; indeed, the jerseys sold out fast, and when we went to the Sabres Store after the practice/scrimmage, the line went back to almost the middle of the lobby. We talked with friends until the line shortened, and for those of you who have read this blog for a while or know some of my past, you may get as much of a charge out of this as I did. As we talked to Roza and her family, I looked at the long lines at the checkout and, low and behold, the first person I saw was she who shall be called "My Eight-Year Sentence." It is amazing how much of a Buffalo Sabres fan she has become these last few years.
During the beginning of the first scrimmage period, we got a view of the infamous pink-on-white uniforms with the new logo; wow, that is one ugly uniform. But the only protest on the new logo or uniforms we saw was four people in the 200s behind one goal who had a "WTF?" sign. On the good response side, rookie Michael Ryan played a very strong scrimmage; scoring a goal, buzzing around the net, hitting people and showing a lot of hustle, he got a good response from the crowd.
In the end, we had a lot of fun and are glad that the Sabres' regular season will start in less than a month.


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So has the logo grown on you over all this time?

BTW, could I link your blog to mine?

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