Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's Cold and Flu Season

We were planning on attending the opening and post-opening party for artist/good friend Mary Begley Friday night, but Val has been hit hard by her first major cold of the season and is battling major congestion, snot infestation and so on, and she has been in this fight since about Wednesday night/Thursday morning.
Between her other health concerns and the fact that her IVIG treatment was late by a week or so again due to a shortage of blood products, as well as the fact that her weekly MS injectable medication was two weeks late because the new prescription provider on my insurance changed the system to one of home delivery from Val getting it at the pharmacy, colds are a serious pain in the ass for her (remember, MS is an autoimmune disease). I hate this both for having her suffer through this and being able to do little to help her besides pour her shots of Nyquil.


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