Monday, October 09, 2006

Long Distance Sabres' Interest

Val and I are thrilled with the Buffalo Sabres opening their season with three victories, but we're almost as thrilled with the people searching for and checking us out for Sabres results and uniform discussion.
We mentioned some of the people from out of state and the country who hit us for the Sabres new uniforms and logo, but Friday, a new record for distance in interest, as a person from the city of Denenchofu, in Kanagawa, Japan, reached us through the search "Sabres new uniforms."
As long as the Sabres continue to play this exciting and successful, as long as Kevin and Mark at Bfloblog continue to host an entertaining live thread during Sabres games, and as long as people from all over show interest in us, as well as many expatriates participating at Bfloblog, we will thoroughly enjoy the NHL season.


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