Wednesday, October 11, 2006

You Snooze, You Lose to The News

Friday, Val and I paid a return visit to Squaw Island off Niagara Street, taking our dog, Walker Evans, with us. We had a great time as usual, walking along the shoreline and through some other areas, with Walker in particular enjoying romping up and down in the tall grass on the hillside of the bike trail; Val got to take some interesting photographs.
I planned to write a very long, almost effusive piece on Squaw Island over the weekend, but as we can all see, I fell behind on that. And when I saw the column on Squaw Island by Mary Kunz Goldman in The Buffalo News Monday, I felt a bit of puke rise up into my throat and put that idea away.
But I do want to mention two things; first, I strongly endorse Assemblyman Sam Hoyt and all the people supporting and fighting for the micro or pocket parks such as this. Just as single, large projects won't solve Buffalo's economic problems, single, large parks won't solve Buffalo's recreation situation or waterfront development, but small, less expensive steps like this will help.
Second, the only issue that pissed off Val and I Friday was the large amount of garbage we had to clean up, from bottles and cans to food containers, boxes, paper and so on, as well as an open bag of shrimp and other items used as bait for fishing. On a related note, none of the garbage receptacles had bags in them. And it only took about 5 minutes for us to wait for the draw bridge to turn and allow a U.S. Coast Guard vessel to sail by before returning to its original position and allowing us to pass.


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