Monday, October 09, 2006

By the Way, Sabres Fans ...

Just so readers know, Val and I like the new uniforms, including the colors, but still DO NOT like the new logo, which remains hideous.
In fact, with my birthday coming up Wednesday, I was looking for Sabres ties and hats in particular (I am almost ready to give up looking for a Sabres denim Oxford shirt). But I haven't seen any Sabres ties in a while of any kind, and I cannot bring myself to hold my nose and ask for a tie with the new logo. I would prefer to get either the classic old logo or the not-so-old black and red Buffalo head logo (no, I do not and never have thought it looked like a goat).
I am almost ready to ask for one of the navy blue or black hats with the three small logos or with the classic old and new logos, but I still may need some convincing. I did get to wear both my classic logo/medium blue and red and black Sabres' hats this weekend.


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