Sunday, June 18, 2006

No Time to Be Sick

Among the reasons for the lack of recent posts has been that, starting with last Saturday's Day 1 of Music Is Art, I have been ridiculously busy with work, political, musical and family responsibilities, and by Friday was exhausted. This may have led to the next step, because I now appear to have a bad summer cold starting, with sniffles, plugged nose, swollen sinuses, slight stomach queasiness, continued fatigue and general malaise.
The reason that this may be such bad timing is that Val and I leave Thursday morning for a mini-vacation in Chicago; we are going to Val's hometown for some family and tourist reasons, and because this is our first vacation in two years, since we spent 4-5 days at friends' island in northern Ontario.
Obviously, I need sleep, so after the dog gets his evening meal and the basketball game ends, I will be taking a shot of Nyquil and going to bed, which, of course, due to the heat and humidity, will not be too much fun.


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