Monday, May 29, 2006

Yard Progress ... I Think

Like many people, including a decent number of members of the Buffalo Blogosphere, I spent just about every day this past weekend (including Friday, which I took off from work) doing yard work of varying sorts and, when it was raining too hard Friday, a bunch of indoor projects. Val got into things in a big way today, doing a bunch of weeding, clearing of the front yard gardens, sweeping, hosing down the walkway and spraying feed to our plants. Saturday was a day of small indoor projects because we had the wedding and reception of Katie McGowan and Frank Quebral (Steam Donkeys bassist), and then the Peter Case concert, to attend.
But despite a pair of really tired legs, lots of dirty clothes (including my beloved Sligo Rovers Irish football/soccer shirt) and, as I write this, a pretty decent case of BO, why doesn't it appears that I got much done? I am happy that I can see where the ground actually meets the back fence and left side of the garage finally, but still ...
I also picked up a dumb injury; I usually don't turn on any hall lights when I go from the living room to the kitchen to give our dog, Walker Evans, his 11:30 p.m. dinner, and I often put my arms in front of my face as I go through the narrow pantry way. It's a good thing I did that last night, because I was a little bit off course and hit the edge of the corner wall, leaving a jagged inch-long cut on my right arm near my elbow. As I measure it by holding my arm up, I would have hit my face somewhere near the cheekbone on the corner otherwise.


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