Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sabres Return to Buffalo With a 1-1 Split

After Carolina beat Buffalo in the NHL Eastern Conference finals Monday, 4-3, to tie the series at 1-1, play is shifting to Buffalo for the next two games Wednesday and Friday. The Sabres have to step things up intensity wise and get back to their skating game and hit earlier and more, but I am not scared of things at the moment. Being tied 1-1 and coming home for the next two games, Buffalo has a realistic chance of returning to Carolina up 3-1. But I am not predicting that this will happen, because the Hurricanes are a very good team that, as they proved last night with a win in which they outplayed Buffalo more than the score indicates, is just as skilled and focused a team as Buffalo.
The closest I will come to a prediction is that if either team sweeps the two games in Buffalo, they will win the series; if the teams split the two games and return to Carolina tied 2-2, it's anyone's series. The Sabres not only need to come out strong tomorrow night, they need to be consistent in their intensity.
But I will predict that Sabres fans, as well as almost all regular hockey fans, watching OLN for the rest of this series will be either aggravated or shocked (if it improves) by the broadcast, particularly the play-by-play and color commentary. I know some people complained about the camera work, but really, it is the direction that is at fault. The camera operators have assigned areas to shoot, but the director and his/her team decide which shot to use.


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