Monday, May 29, 2006

Sabres Faith

After the Buffalo Sabres lost the home advantage by losing two games to the Carolina Hurricanes in the NHL Eastern Conference Finals this weekend to fall behind, 3 games to 2, a lot (too many) Sabres "fans" could and still can be heard saying that the series is over and that Buffalo's season is over.
As a Sabres fan since the franchise started and as a person very fortunately married to another Sabres' fanatic, Val, we say BS; yes, the Sabres are behind and are playing a very, very good team in the Hurricanes, but please, to give up at this stage not only shows how little some people really care/root for the Sabres, it shows how little they know about what Buffalo has done his season, a season in which they have rallied in games and stretches of the season when no one outside of the team itself and maybe its fans expected them to succeed.
Two incidents today reinforced our continued rooting for and faith in the Sabres; while I was walking the dog, I passed a house on Norwood Avenue with about 8-10 people age 25-30 on the porch. We exchanged hellos, and as the man nearest me said "Happy Memorial Day," his eyes went up to my blue and gold Sabres hat. He smiled and said, "Thank you; thanks for keeping the faith." We talked about how the Sabres were not out of the series yet and should gain momentum from the home crowd tomorrow and how we noticed some people seemed to have given up on Buffalo. "There are a lot of people with broken ankles from jumping off the bandwagon," the guy said, shaking his head.
A bit earlier today, Val and I ate a late brunch/lunch at Ambrosia on Elmwood Avenue; while we were eating, Rich Wall, who works in marketing and events for the Buffalo Sabres and is an old radio/music friend of ours for 15 years or so, came into the restaurant. He came over and we talked about the Sabres and our playoff attendance and game watching, as well as commending his musical choices at HSBC Arena (you can thank Wall for the frequent use of U2, as well as the addition of music by the Alarm). Before he went to his table, Wall thanked me for the Sabres' hat I was wearing and for keeping the faith, and noted that the vintage/classic Sabres colors I had on would again be the actual team colors.
Can the Sabres win tomorrow? Yes, of course they can. Will the Sabres win? Who knows, but we can watch tomorrow and Val and I are still hopeful and faithful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sabres played awsome, the score didn't fully show that. but thats how you know the true sabres fans...


10:54 AM  
Anonymous KevinP said...

The bandwagon is filling back up, Kevin. Should we let them on?

3:20 PM  
Blogger Kevin J. Hosey said...

I've been giving your question a good amount of thought, Kevin. I guess there is always room for more on the Sabres' bandwagon, even for those infidels-turned-true-believers, but I have two thoughts/requests:
1)Everyone jumping back on after leaving has to sit over the wheels for at least one game.
2)All bandwagon jumpers re-upping have to wear a shirt with "I Lost Faith in the Sabres" written on front until they deliver to the offices of Bfloblog or Buffaloroots a Carolina hat or jersey previously worn by a Hurricane's fan.
And I, like you, anonymous, believe in Buffalo.

9:46 PM  

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