Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Some Day, and the Hockey Game Remains

Not even counting the overly warm weather, today has been a day to remember, then forget. First, Val had to turn down a ticket for Game 6 of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals between the host Buffalo Sabres and the Carolina Hurricanes, which starts in a few minutes, because she is teaching her photography class for adults (Tuesdays until 9 p.m.) at the Buffalo Arts Studio. We will be watching the game on a one-hour DVR delay.
Next, on my way home, I stopped at Rite Aid at Elmwood and Bryant to get a condolence card for my sister-in-law, Janet (my late brother Brian's wife in Arizona), because her mother, Jessie Rumsey, died Sunday. When I tried to start my car, I heard a whirring, then just clicks. I walked home and called AAA, then met the truck back at my car; the guy gave me a jump, said the battery, which was the original on my 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier, was done, and hoped it wasn't the alternator as well or I wouldn't make it to the shop. Well, I did make it, but yes, as well as a new battery, I had to get a new alternator (I did check the meter and saw the problem). So, more than $400 later, I at least got my car done right then and there and got home late, walked and fed the dog late and I am blogging with my work name tag and clothes still on and dinner yet to be made.
The cost is bad enough in and of itself, but Val and I are saving for our trip in late June to her hometown of Chicago, so that took a chunk out of our cushion.


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