Friday, July 30, 2010

Some Movement

While things remain financially tighter than we'd like, there has been some action on a positive front.
I just finished a small freelance proofreading/copy editing project, I am bidding on two other projects, and I have an interview/writing assignment underway. One of the worst part of this almost seven-month bout with unemployment has been not using my skills for positive results, financial and otherwise, so this helps, both for the bank account and my mental well being.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Money (Too Tight to Mention)

As I, and indeed we as in Val and I, go though my bout with unemployment, we have been very good so far in cutting back on spending; for example, we haven't gone to a restaurant on our own since December, when I was still working.
Sadly, cutting back on things that seem to mean a lot, and often do, is sometimes easy enough that you do it almost naturally, as Val and I did when we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary without really doing anything June 23.
Tomorrow, July 22, is Val's birthday, and up until a couple of hours ago, we had nothing concretely planned to do for her and I haven't bought her a gift yet. But, due to the CD sales from my collection, now at more than 100, I can take Val to the drive-in movie tonight, and I may even be able to buy her a gift.
Without the U.S. Senate finally passing an extension of unemployment insurance benefits (mine ended at the end of last week) that the House of Representatives has already approved, I would not be able to do this, even with the CD sales.
And, of course, the job search continues.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Financial Flop Sweat Time

Just so some of you who aren't certain realize it, my six months of unemployment benefits end this week.
With no extension of benefits because the U.S. Senate cannot find one Republican with a heart or brain so far (the House of Representatives has passed the bill), the Dunne-Hosey Estates austerity plan will have to be ratcheted up a further notch or two.
So yes, I am incredibly nervous and pissed off, and trying to do all I can to acquire full-time work as well as as much freelance work as is possible.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Six-Month Anniversary: No Fun

I just passed the six-month mark at being involuntarily unemployed, and damn, does it still suck.
The job hunting continues, which also means the rejection continues, and I have written a few freelance stories for Artvoice and have at least one more assignment for the publication, and I am pursuing some other freelance writing, editing and proof reading projects, having bid on a couple already.
There have actually been a couple of "good" events or circumstances to have occurred partly or wholly due to my being out of work, and I will write about them here soon.
Thanks to everyone who has and continues to offer support and backing, especially my lovely wife, Val.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sounds of the City

Ah, Independence Day Eve, July 3, on Buffalo's West Side: Between fireworks sounding like small-arms fire and explosives (I'm waiting for limbs to fall out of the sky), someone is either punishing a vuvuzela or a youth is learning to play a brass instrument.

Once Again, Yes, I Know

It's no one's fault but mine, but yes, I know that it has been almost a month since I last posted here.
I did come up with several ideas, one which is posted immediately below this post, and I need to be more, er, regular here. Let's hope this time it's a charm.

Noise Annoys

Now that it is summer, noises of certain kinds are sending our canine resident at the Dunne Hosey Estates, Walker Evans, into occasional frenzies.
He remains terribly afraid of thunder, running around the house barking and chasing the sounds, trying to protect Val and I, unless I grab him, close him in the media room with me or put him on a leash. None of this is particular fun at about 3 a.m. on a summer night/morning.
Being a day away from Independence Day, Walker has also been quite scared of some fireworks displays as well as overnight firecrackers, but he is doing his best with those, notably seeming to be more used to the fireworks after Buffalo Bisons' baseball games than he used to be.
Walker has also been afraid of motorcycles for years, but as of late, he seems to be more annoyed and angered with them than ever before. Besides doing much more barking at them when we encounter them during our walks, he tries to go after them if they are at a traffic light or intersection near us or driving very close by us. Maybe it is just for show and he would not actually force an encounter, but he has almost knocked me over once or twice (and I am about 200-205 pounds), so I am not taking any chances and am holding the leash shorter and tighter as soon as we see or hear a motorocycle.
Only one or two thunderstorms have severely affected Val and my sleep so far, but the summer is young.