Sunday, January 26, 2014

Really, Realtors?

I know that we all have to hustle to make a buck (believe me, I know that right now), but certain people ought to at least put a bit of effort into it for all of our sake.
Val and I own our house on Buffalo's West Side, as well as a piece of property next to it that used to have another house on it, which was destroyed in a fire years ago. The former owner of our house received that property in an insurance settlement and we own it now, and use it as out backyard and yard for Harold (our fine dog, in case you don't know) to romp in.
So, like many property owners, we receive solicitations of sorts from realtors on occasion, ostensibly wanting to introduce themselves and see if we need a realtor to sell our home and property. Also, like most homeowners, we have no intention to sell our house and have never stated such an intention or contacted a realtor for this reason.
In the last week, we have received six of these "hello, realtor" postcards, all of them addressed to
"Valerie and Hosey Dunne;" four of them are from the same same realtor who works for a rather prominent and well-known real estate and insurance company. I mean, who wouldn't want to work with such knowledgeable, detail oriented and prepared realtors such as this?
I have no doubt that there are lists gathered by realty companies and either bought or shared that have our names on them like this, but if this easy and major an error has been made and is repeated, why should I or anyone else trust these realtors? I fully realize that not all realtors are like this, and indeed, the one realtor we have contacted in all of our years in this house, Katie Quebral, did an excellent job for my sister Heather and I selling our mother Sheila's house a few years ago, and she has not put us on some faceless contact list.
So, in particular to this writer/editor/anal person, facts and accuracy do matter. Hell, at least get to know and call me by my name.


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