Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Camaros, Rabbit Heads and Doubletakes

I virtually snapped my neck when I walked from my car to the house at the amazing sight I beheld a few days ago.
There, parked in the street next door to our house, was a late 1980s/early 1990s Chevrolet Camaro, with the oh, so classic dark grey/black (I wasn't certain, due to road salt effects) and bright pink paint scheme.
What made this car even, er, better looking was, first, the pink color forming flames coming back off the engine compartment on the top and sides of the hood and parts of the doors. But even better, on the hood was a giant, 4-5-foot Playboy bunny head logo in black, with bright pink framing. I didn't even know they still made his detailing package, although I presume that there are lots of detailers who would do this custom job if contracted to do it.
I admit that I lingered several times over the weekend while going to and leaving our car to not only get a look at the car, which I have never seen on our street before, but to see just who was the driver, including what their gender is. Sadly, between this and even looking out the window on occasion, I never saw the driver, who left while we were visiting friends for brunch.
I checked Google Images to see if I could find a car matching this description, but despite viewing hundreds of images, I could not find one even close; whew, I think.