Monday, May 28, 2012

We Want the Airwaves...Belatedly

Since procrastination seems to be the undercurrent of this blog, I figured now was a good time to publish my playlist from my April 20 air shift as part of the alumni weekend for WBNY 91.3 FM at Buffalo State College, now know as "Death or Glory" (two hours never seems to be long enough; damn the weekend becoming so popular).
As usual, the music focused on local original music, punk and closely related styles and alt-country/roots rock, and here is the list:
8 p.m. - The Clash, "Death or Glory;" Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, "Johnny Appleseed;" Cheap Trick, "Hello There;" Graham Parker and the Rumour, "Discovering Japan;" Gang of Four, "Not Great Men;" Television, "See No Evil;" the Ramones, "Rockaway Beach;" Dark Marbles, "That's the Way It Should Be;" Michael Oliver and the Sacred Band, "Picture This;" Mark Freeland, "My Baby Got a Thing for Me;" Buddy Miller, "Midnight and Lonesome;" Linda McRae, "Higher Ground;" the Blasters, "Border Radio."
9 p.m. - The Ramrods, "While the City Sleeps;" Cathy Carfagna, "I'm Going Down to Memphis;" Davy and the Crocketts, "Turn Your Back;" Simple Minds, "Promised You a Miracle;" Roxy Music, "Do the Strand;" Patti Smith Group, "Till Victory;" Alison Pipitone Band, "Crocodile Tears;" Oui73, "Drag the Lake;" Scott Carpenter and the Real McCoys, "Sally Lou;" the Pretenders, "Tattooed Love Boys;" Tom Waits, "Jockey Full of Bourbon;" Lucinda Williams, "Something About What Happens When We Talk;" Jim Whitford, "Poison in the Well;" Husker Du, "Turn on the News."
WBNY 91.3 FM will be celebrating its 30th anniversary with another reunion of us well-worn but vital alumni, and rumor has it that we may get 3-hour shifts, which would be a lot of fun (if still less than the 4-hour shift I was fortunate to have to when I was a wee student at Buffalo State). Thanks as usual go to Andrew Kat, WBNY Alumni Association President, for all of the work he put into this great event, as well as the station leadership.