Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to a Bit of Normalcy

Today appears to be a normal day, as far as waking up, showering, coffee, etc., are concerned, following a not-so-ordinary Monday.
The heavy rain, winds and thunderstorms we encountered Sunday night and Monday morning were expected, which meant that Val and I knew that we would probably be up part of the night with Walker Evans, our brave dog who is scared of thunder, lightning and fireworks.
We were more correct that we wished, because Val and I maybe got one hour of sleep apiece during that period, and by 6 a.m., when I get up for work (Val wakes and goes in a bit later), I was exhausted and virtually zombified. Fortunately, because I have way too much vacation time that I havent' taken, I had a day that I could take off and did so, as did Val.
We then spent the next several hours sleeping as best we could, which, while the temperature was high and things were muggy, we managed to do quite well without the noise or the scared, panting, drooling and scared large dog on the bed.
Another weather effect on Walker Evans was that we waited untl the rain and thunder ended for a while Sunday afternoon and went to the Lasalle Park dog park at about 3 p.m. We were the only people and dog there the entire time, despite the clearing (for a while) clouds. Sadly, one of the new trees had been snapped in half and was partly laying on the ground, apparently due to the weather.


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