Saturday, August 08, 2009

Saturday Morning at Spot

With Val getting a pedicure with her sister Tricia (Tricia's birthday gift to Val) this morning, and after I forgot to buy eggs last week, I made my way to Spot for breakfast.
The order was simple but good, a Mike sandwich with ham on wheat focaccia and a mucho red eye, but the entertaiment, etc., was on a pretty good level and varied.
First, after parking in the Spot/Blockbuster parking lot on Elmwood Avenue, I walked toward Spot and saw, parked three spots away, a really cool burnt red/orange Chevrolet Corvair, in pretty good shape. I was hoping to see the owner, but did not either on my way there or leaving.
Once inside, I got in the line that was stretching almost to the door, and while standing there, I noticed that two single-person round tables were pushed together, with a laptop and a book on them; sadly, the laptop was a Windows machine, but the book was, um, interesting: "The History of Fractures, Third Edition." No doubt the first two editions sold out, and as I expected, a man and a woman wearing scrubs sat down at those tables.
And politics marches on: first, Buffalo Common Councilmember Mickey Kearns and West Side political activist/leader Chito Olivencia came in and ordered coffee, and a few minutes later, Assemblyman Sam Hoyt came in, said hello, ordered coffee and joined the other two politicos.
Driving down Elmwood on my way home, as I passed the Unitarian Universalist Church at the corner of Elmwood and West Ferry, a man was hold a cross, waving/aiming it at the church and loudly praying for the church's salvation. Um, I think they have that covered, sir.


Blogger heather said...

We went to the Red Wings game last weekend (Stara Wars night, Tom got Anakin and Luke Skywalker's autographs) and a gentleman was preaching quite loudly from the BIble. That was fine, but then he called all of us a bunch of sinners for going to the baseball game. Huh?

8:13 PM  
Blogger Kevin J. Hosey said...

Thou shalt not bear players on diamonds before me? I don't remember that sin.

11:51 PM  

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