Friday, August 07, 2009

Weekend: Not Enough Time This Time

Yes, actually starting yesterday, Thursday, this is one of those official too-much-to-do-at-the-same-time weekends for Val and I.
We are still trying to plan out how much we will be able to do and attend, and things started with us being able to attend the opening of Cheryl Gorski's photo show at the Karpeles Document facility on Porter Avenue. Val had to miss her physical therapy Thursday, and we both were sadly unable to attend the Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center auction.
Tonight, we will try to catch up and go out to dinner with my mother Sheila in a late birthday celebration for Val, and who knows what, if anything else, we will be able to do. Saturday has several events at the same time, and we have no idea if we will be able to get to more than one.
So, of course, there probably is nothing scheduled for us next weekend.


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