Friday, July 31, 2009

Restfull Week? Um, No

Having been on vacation for a couple of days and returning to work Wednesday, this three-day work week was not supposed to be too tiring.
Well, I am so glad to say/write that apparently, things stepped up and really did their jobs or existences, because as of today, Friday morning, I am feeling at least as tired as I normally do for a five-day work week. And this is after going to be at an early hour for me Thursday night/Friday morning.
Things got unexpectedly busy at work (well, something that we knew was going to happen soon happened a bit sooner than anticipated), and despite what some people believe, things never really do slow down at work or in my political volunteering activities, so here's hoping for a fun weekend with Val but one that is not overly busy.
And of course, there is a show I'd like to see tonight, if I can stay awake.


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