Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Writing Pet Peeve

Once again, the writer and editor in me has hit the boiling point on something that more and more "writers" are doing.
Since when did it become not only acceptable, but downright popular, to believe it is good grammar and communication skills to write "I know, right," or "yeah, right?" Whether I like it or not, I can understand this as a spoken idiom or colloquialism, but as a thought out, consciously written attempt and/or form of communication? Um, no.
I have seen this all over Facebook, in blogs and other writing entries, and it absolutely makes my colon clench, because it seems and reads to me as way beyond simply laziness, mental and physical, and an absolute bastardization of the English language and intelligent communications.
So there; spleen vented, coffee coming up soon.


Blogger Kim Hosey said...

I've been guilt of "I know, right" a time or two. However, I've only written it a time or two, and only when I feel like it fits, and only when I'm doing "conversational" writing (responding to someone's comment on my Facebook status, for example). What I really don't like about "I know, right" and its ilk, not to mention LOL/ROFLMAO/IMO/etc., and my absolute least favorite, "ur" for both "you're" and "your," is when people use them to bypass actual meaningful communication. Blech.

12:19 PM  
Blogger heather said...

Great alliteration - colon clench

Did you ever wonder where "venting your spleen" came from?

9:54 PM  
Blogger Mark Pennington said...

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8:37 PM  

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