Monday, July 13, 2009

You Know They Need Cleaning When ...

After a few weeks of knowing that they needed it, I finally threw three of my baseball caps/hats into the laundry this week.
They are: my traditional blue/old school Buffalo Sabres' logo hat, my red hat with the older third-jersey black crossed swords from the Buffalo/goat head era, and my white University of Wisconsin hat.
It also remains interesting to at least me that one of the, if not the, best way to wash these hats is in the laundry, although I have now received several hints/recommendations that dish washers also do the trick, as well as the fact that New Era and other hat businesses sell machines/contraptions that also wash and reshape hats. It sounds like it is becoming a nice little racket.
I have to say that two of my Buffalo Sabres hats needed the most laundering. First, the aforementioned blue hat, and my off-white "new" Sabres hat that features the sword through the large "B." No, none of that slug logo for Val or me. This hat would have joined the others in the laundry, but I left it somewhere and will have to wash it soon, because the off-white fabric hides absolutely no grime at all.


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