Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Dog or Statue?

While doing the political thing in Allentown last night, I came across a lot of pets; dogs led the way, with cats second and a few birds also noted.
When going basically door-to-door, you get used to dogs barking at you; being a dog person, I handle it easily, never really getting scared and talking to the dogs until they often stop barking and even wag their tails and try to say hello.
As I approached one house last night, the dog, a white American Staffordshire terrier, was all but forced up against the window, looking to my left, his right, and barely moving. After first wondering if this was a statue or stuffed animal, I saw that the dog was breathing and made eye contact with me.
I expected his barking to commence, but after looking me up and down for a moment, he went back to his staring off to the side, and he didnt even bark when I rang the doorbell, which no one answered.
Walking away, I tried to see where the dog was looking, and finally figured it out; under a tree almost on the property line with the house next door was a black and white cat, staring directly at the dog and not moving, either. This stare down may still be going on as I write this.


Blogger Kim Hosey said...

That's funny. They don't miss much, do they?

Our cat acts like a dog. Every time someone comes to the door he runs to it, sometimes meowing, and sits (he listens to the "Sit, stay" command) five feet from the door, glaring.

10:46 AM  

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