Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Kevin to MSNBC: Cut the Jackson Marathon

Can someone please tell MSNBC, or the people there who made the decision to use entire episodes of The Rachel Maddow Show and Countdown with Ketih Olbermann, that they have already "reported" on the death of Michael Jackson beyond all reason or need.
I am a major fan of the above mentioned programs and others on MSNBC, but the hours of nightly coverage (I don't watch during the day) have been awful, teetering on somewhere between the absurd and a travesty, and the reporting is barely a half-step above tabloid quality.
I bet Rachel Maddow is glad she is on vacation this week (is she actually on vacation or forced/chosen to not be on for this coverage?), and I feel sorry for Allison Stewart, subbing for Maddow, for being apparently forced to do so much coverage of Jackson's death. Why Keith Olbermann is covering this story so much is beyond me, unless he was not given a choice.


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