Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's a Mystery

As usual, when I came home from work last night, I took Walker Evans on his walk and then fed him before starting dinner preparations.
When Val got home, she decided to take Walker in the backyard to brush him while I did more for dinner. I noticed that she and Walker were still standing near the back door after a few minutes and went to check.
She noted that the wheeled blue garbage tote was in the middle of the backyard, and not next to the back door against the railing, and that Walker's leash, which is normally screwed into the ground, was out of the ground and neatly rolled up by the back steps.
I went to investigate, being rather curious and a bit flummoxed, but found nothing else out of place, missing or damaged. We were told by someone across the street that one of our neighbors had been in our backyard during the day; we trust both of our neighbors 100 percent, so there was no real worry there, and I saw a pile of backyard stones in one of the backyards and a trail of matted grass from the gate to one of our neighbors' yards.
So, we're not really worried, especially with Walker Evans home guarding the house, but we are very curious and hope to find out more about this soon. We'll let you know if any Easter Island stone formations are found.



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